Nsouli Jewelry was founded in 1982 by Atef Nsouli, a self-made man who turned his childhood fascination with precious stones into one of the Middle East’s most prominent businesses in the field and a frontrunner in the Lebanese jewelry market. Atef completed his specialization in gemstone science and art of jewelry in the United States and returned to Beirut to open the atelier Nsouli. Despite all of the challenges of the war in Lebanon, Atef has successfully built up his company over the past thirty years, from humble beginnings to a state-of-the-art factory exporting to countries worldwide. He has also founded a diamond trading and polishing company, Nsouli NV, that has a well-respected name in the famous Antwerp diamond market, where over 84% of the world’s uncut stones move through and only the very biggest and best companies are allowed to represent themselves.

Nsouli’s ascendancy to a household name directly relates to its honesty in dealing, pricing, and superior quality in its designs and manufacturing. The company has tackled the jewelry business’s many facets and has proven to excel in its quality of work regarding diamond cutting, diamond trading, diamond export, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry design, and fine jewelry export. Additionally, Nsouli’s work in wholesale and retail for several years made it a leading light regarding prices, precious gems selections, outstanding quality, and most importantly, trust.

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